Looking to host a private class? We have everything you need to celebrate, raise money with a charity class or create a team building event. Kids Birthdays and Bachelorette parties are awesome!


Minimum 6 people per private class @ $25/per guest or up to 12 for flat rate  $250  during non-prime class times.




Hit the ground and learn the basics of surfing and a workout to get you ready for the big waves! Class starts with a dynamic warm-up, ground moves, and then hits the boards with surf style moves. You'll feel like you're ready for the big Sur!





This yoga party adds a unique vibe with black lighting, glow bracelets and paint if you're ready for it. Hip hop and ambient down beats chill the air for a flow glow exercise 




We have a variety of dance style classes for your group to try. Burlesque chair style to Zumba, pick your style of dance and we have an instructor that have you smiling and sweating throughout your groove. 




Tune in to tune out with wireless headsets, a live DJ and downtempo sound with a lights out yoga class. The room is lit by the neon glow of the headsets streaming both music and instructor voice leading your practice. We have partnerships with other venues for an outdoor or in-studio experience.