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6-Week Challenge

Take 30 Barre Pilates Classes in 6 Weeks to Win a Private Party

$20 of your purchase goes back to your schoool

look, live and feel your best

We guarantee you’ll feel stronger in just 2 weeks and see changes in your body in 6 weeks.


Our classes are focused on form, core and alignment to help you reach your goals. 


If your clothes don’t fit like they used to, if you’ve put on a few extra pounds, it’s time to focus on you without pounding, crushing, jumping or feeling dizzy in a class. Our Barre Pilates classes help you tone, sculpt and build a better core. We don’t bark orders at you during class. We guide you to focusing on posture, proper alignment and balance. 


Take the 6 week Barre Pilates Challenge - $99 to Look, live and feel your best 

With more than 35 years experience in health and fitness, Andrea Metcalf has developed this fusion based Barre, Pilates and core foundations format to target those small muscles that support your frame and works on getting the large muscles to fatigue faster. 


Compliment your cardio workouts with this multi-dimensional class that hits the body 360 degrees.


Our regular drop-in classes are $30 but you’ll get 6 weeks of classes for only $99

"I can't believe how good my body feels and looks...

and my jeans fit so great! - Linda

I already go to Barre classes….

                       But you’re missing the core focus of a pilates fusion workout.

I take Pilates style classes…

                       But you’re missing the large lower body movements in this workout.

I do yoga and stretch classes...

                       But you’re not doing yoga on a balancing work to help give your body feedback and activate                             your core muscles.


You’ll stand taller.

You’ll see your waistline shrink.

You’ll reduce pain in your joints and feel stronger.


Start Your Six Week Challenge! 


Get your body ready for spring break.